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Author: Rob Perrée

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Mo Arab


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Olayanju Dada


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Zanele Muholi

RobZanele Muholi, Ntozakhe II, Parktown, 2016

Because she knows all the people she makes portraits of and because she invites some of them more often to pose, watching these photos means looking at intimacy between two people. An intimacy comparable to the intimacy of the photo works of the American Nan Goldin, an artist whose work Zanele Muholi is familiar with. The ‘models’ feel free to look strong: they want to be seen.

Rob Perrée on exhibition of Zanele Muholi in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum.
Zanele Muholi, Ntozakhe II, Parktown, 2016.

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Olga Dengo


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New York Is Calling


New York is the hometown of art. Also the hometown of Trump. A city that loves art and a president who does not know and does not care about art. He wants to cut art funding completely. These last weeks New York could prove that it does not care about Trump.

Rob Perrée reports about recent art activities in New York

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