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Contemporary Ugandan Artists


My criteria for choosing the artists on the list has included how long they have been practicing professionally, how active they are in terms of showing their work, sales of their work, strength and maturity of their concepts, aesthetics and technical competence, value at auction, novelty and the avant-garde factor in their work, personal taste, among many others.

Matt Kayem about the criteria for his top ten contemporary Ugandan artists

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Manuel Mathieu: reflections on abstract painting and trauma


“My understanding of painting is the language of abstraction, and by abstraction I mean a world of ideas, a world of complex thoughts, a world of imagination. I believe that a descriptive approach is actually arming a subject. The more it is defined, the more it is reduced. Trying to stay open, works better for me when it comes to create strong links with reality, with facts, with my understanding of what it is to paint. …”

Raquel Villar-Pérez in conversation with Manuel Mathieu
Irma, 2017, Courtesy of the artist

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Tell Freedom: 15 South African Artists


Tell Freedom is a statement in the form of an exhibition. Proof that art itself can tell the story. It is the picture of a generation that knows what it wants and does not want to be fooled with paper promises. The Apartheid may be a thing of the past, the position of many blacks is not yet equal.

Rob Perrée on the exhibition Tell Freedom in Kunsthal Kade Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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Caribbean Travelogue. Part 1: Haiti

CTTony Capellan (1955-2017) - Mar Caribe, 1996 (2)

In November last year I started travelling in the Caribbean region, researching the sustainability of contemporary art practices and the influence of international (exchange) projects, funding, markets and politics. During my research I will be keeping a travelogue for Africanah. My first stop in the region is Ayiti (Haiti), one of the islands in the region I have not spent any time before.

Sasha Dees on the first episode of her Caribbean Travelogue: Haiti.
Tony Capellan (1955-2017) Mar Caribe, 1996.

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Blank Projects: Igshaan Adams and others in Group show

CingaSamson, Unyana Welanga (I) (2017)

Blank Projects is an institution that I been aware of for a number of years now, and the eclectic and experimental nature of the artist they show has been consistent and imbued with a measure of a collective aesthetic. Blank Projects is a gallery that extends African artists beyond what is political, into the realm of aesthetic and the theoretical.

Temba Tsotsi on an exhibition at Blank Projects in Cape Town
Cinga Samson, Unyana Welanga I, 2017

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