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Author: Zihan Kassam

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Eltayeb Dawelbait


Nothing can quench the insatiable appetite of Eltayeb’s inspired, creative mind, except getting to work, whatever the mode of expression. A falafel chef, a clothing designer, an engineer of recycled furniture, and a good friend to so many, the fetching fellow keeps baring new talents, none of which fail to impress. “My works reflects who I am, my thoughts and experiences, my history and everything around me,” says Eltayeb.

Zihan Kassam on the Sudanese artist Eltayeb Dawelbait, living in Kenya.

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Scandal around Kenyan Pavilion Venice Biennial


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Gor Soudan


“His latest exhibition, he says, is inspired by childhood memories. Perhaps by diving into his early life, his beginnings, he hopes to better understand his vantage point. Although highly unlikely, if we are lucky, we might get a quote or two on what he has discovered about himself. Fortunately for Gor, even though he is so headstrong and very efficient in fleeing from interviews, his work in most instances is provocative, tells its own story, and can in fact survive and thrive without his presence.”
With these words Zihan Kassam concludes her essay on Kenyan artist Gor Soudan.

From the Resurrection Series, 2013.

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Hussein Halfawi

AfricanahHussein Halfawi (1969) at his exhibition at Talisman Restaurant which runs until Sunday October 26th

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